Pietersite Tombstone pendant

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Pietersite Tombstone with angel's feather pendant.

Oxidized sterling silver with 80 Carat pietersite. Comes on 18" sterling chain. Size of the pendant is 5.8 cm x 4 cm
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This idea to create Tombstone jewellery was born out of necessity to help people heal and find closure when they loose a loved one and don't have a chance to say goodbye. By doing this, I also help myself to heal from a loss of my dad and many close relatives.

Pietersite - was discovered in Africa in 1962 by Sid Pieters. It is a stone with swirling blue, gold, or red colour bands naturally cemented with quartz. πŸ’Ž

For several years, this stone was believed and only found in Namibia, Africa. During 1993, a similar set of material was found in Hunan State in China, although specimens did not draw closer to market until 1997. It is now assumed that production in China has closed, and limited amount from Namibia has caused Pietersite quite hard to find. Hence its high price.


Pietersite helps an individual to find a new direction to move forward. Pietersite also assists to clear pathways that feel blocked or inactive by stimulating the chakra system and letting the light energy into single energy field and body. Pietersite is said to grasp the keys to the empire of heaven by connecting the spiritual realm with your everyday living.


This stone sets off and balances the mind, as this gemstone is most admired with healers for its capability to motivate the pineal gland, which generates melatonin, a hormone that controls sleep patterns as well as, seasonal functions. This consequence is said to improve your instinct, and helps you to achieve your specific goals. The stone’s forces are also believed to give us access and to lift up our own individual power and creativeness.

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